Box Edit - Rhino 7 Issue with Worksession objects

There is an issue with Rhino 7 box edit when a worksession object is selected. The panel is grays out and values are all zeros.

This works for Rhino 6

I like Rhino, but issues like this and it’s continuing lack of layer / documentation tools is very very disappointing :frowning:

That is what should happen if the object is in a non-active file in Worksession. Objects must be in the active file to be modified.

In Rhino 6 you can select an object in a non-active (reference) files and the BoxEdit panel remains active. However you cannot apply any changes to the object. ApplyBoxEdit does not work on objects in non-active files.

Why do you want the BoxEdit panel to be active for objects in non-active files? If you want to the size of the object you can use BoundingBox on objects in non-active layers.

Rhino Help is available.You can have a Help panel visible with the Auto-update option checked which automatically shows help for a command whenever a command is started. Rhino Help with additional information is also available by running the Help command, and also available outside Rhino at Rhinoceros Help

I want to check size. Rhino 6 gives quick size check just by using the edit box. This feature was obviously removed in Rhino 7

That seems like a perfectly reasonable-reason to not have it completely dead for ineligible objects - I’ll see if that can be tuned up. I suspect it was not removed as a feature, but as a bug fix - so as not to make it look like it will work when in won’t.

RH-63177 BoxEdit: stay live for ineligible objects


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Thanks @pascal, the ability to get worksession object sizes with box edit was very useful Rhino6, so will be great if it can work the same in Rhino7. I know I can’t edit worksession objects, but having the X, Y, Z dimension displayed as greyed out text was useful in Rhino 6

OMG, why did McNeel break Rhino 6 and selling it as Rhino 7? Is this Apple Inc?

there is a bug for uniform resizing using box edit

changing this box uniformly from 200 x 200 x 1000 to 400 x 400 x 2000 turns out to be 1200 x 1200 x 2000. Looks like Rhino is adding whatever the difference rather than scaling it uniformly

This does not happen in Rhino 6




Previously discussed: Boxedit (Size) scaling incorrect

The box is for “Uniform increment”, not “Uniform scaling” but in V6 and earlier it worked as uniform scaling.


this new feature is really bad! I can’t imaging anyone would want to add a fixed dimension to XYZ and get a disproportioned model. The old one is good because if you know one of the X,Y or Z dimension you can resize the model to it without losing proportion scale

This is not a feature, it’s a horrible oversight, of sloppy work. Back to my repeated and undeniable complaint of late: McNeel just doesn’t properly test their software anymore, it’s choosing to offload all that work to us, the users. Not cool.

I want to see that change. Fast. For good.


it’s almost like they break the only things good with Rhino 6 and selling it as Rhino 7

I still want to be able to know my worksession object sizes with BoxEdit like I could in Rhino 6, Rhino 7 kinda suck!

My understanding is the change in how the BoxEdit “Uniform increment” option works was deliberate, not the result of sloppy work, and the end result was the intended result. My guess is someone saw the name of the option and thought the option should work as named; change the object size by the same increment in each direction, not by a different increment in each direction so as to maintain proportions.

It looks the mistake though was not in how the option behaved in V5 but the name it was given. The behavior should be restored to as in V5 and the option name change to “Maintain proportions”

Here is the old YT item for the addtion of the uniform option in V6:

Pascal submitted an item in YT per your request:

The deliberate result of one (or many) developer/s’ decision without user testing is the pinnacle of sloppy work. Especially if they deliberately created a regression.


Any fixes yet?

We don’t want the new functionality of EditBox, no one asked for it’s new behaviour! It’s terrible in changing box size, and it’s useless in Worksession