Boxedit (Size) scaling incorrect

This appears to be a bug to me. I have some meshes that I have selected and am using Boxedit to type a dimension in the Y. But it’s not scaling the X proportionately even though “uniform” is checked. See images below. They are SubD parts.

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Hi Ryan,

If you tick Uniform in the Size panel, then Rhino adds the same length to each dimension, it doesn’t scale proportionately.

For proportionate scaling you have to tick Uniform in the Scale panel and choose a factor there. (But you don’t have to enter a simple value, you can use a formula like, say, 125/108 for new length over old length.


That’s strange. In Rhino 6 since it was released I’ve done it the way I just described. Here is it in Rhino 6. It works as I would expect it to.

Yeah, it has changed. I think Boxedit got rewritten for 7 and maybe someone took the wording on screen to mean apply a uniform linear increment - which is slightly more logical, but probably a lot less useful than the way it was in 6.

Ugh. That’s unfortunate. It was much easier to just know the end dimension I wanted opposed to having to figure out a percentage.
Thanks for the information.

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I’ve noticed the same thing. I use box edit a lot, or at least I used to… fortunately the gumball will scale proportionally if you hold shift.

Yes, same here. used it a lot now its kinda useless and no respond from the busy bees them self yet about this issue.

It gets funky once you reach a certain point where ‘uniform’ flattens or even inverts the result.

What you can also do with gumball scale ist enter exact values.

Hold shift, klick on the gumball scale-square, enter a number followed by a unit e.g. mm like ‘10mm’
Only downside here is you have to half the number to what you actually want.
So 10mm leads to a 20mm result.

Boxedit in R6 was pretty nice since it let you see a ‘preview’ of the scaling and an easy and fast way to scale by exact numbers without math.

Hope there will be a ‘uniform- scale other axis proportional’ option someday soon… again.

Hello - this is on the pile to fix:
RH-62583 BoxEdit: Size Uniform didn’t work correctly



If the “Uniform increment” in BoxEdit is revised to work as it did in V6 with uniform scaling, the description of the option should be changed to the more accurate “Uniform scaling”.

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this new feature is really bad! I can’t imaging anyone would want to add a fixed dimension to XYZ and get a disproportioned model. The old one is good because if you know one of the X,Y or Z dimension you can resize the model to it without losing proportion scale

Any news on this? Still pretty annoying.

And the behaviour in your YT link is not what we describe here.

Since Jeremy’s Post up there is marked as ‘Solution’ now i quote him:
‘probably a lot less useful than the way it was in 6’
Taking steps away from usefulness now, are we? ;o)

If it is intended this way may we get an extra checkbox with ‘uniform but scale proportional’? … like it was in R6…and R5… so round about … 9 Years?

I need the old R6 Editbox back, R7 Editbox is uesless!!! :sob:


Here’s my vote for changing it back to how it was - I can’t use it in it’s current form.


@pascal Any news on reverting this back to the RH 5/6 way of doing it?

Hi Aaron -

RH-62583 is currently on the 8.x list. I’ve now changed the issue type to “Regression”…

I’ll add my vote for changing this too.

I can’t for the life of me think of a single situation where I would want to add a fixed increment to all axes.
On the other hand, there are a gazillion situations where I know the dimension on one axis and want the object to scale to that.