BoundingBox bug?

Hi there,

if try to create a CPlane aligned bounding box in the perspective viewport from attached curve, the result is not correct. (This happend in RH5 and the WIP).

BoundingBox.3dm (41.3 KB)


That’s very weird… Happens here too on your file. If you cut and paste it into a new template it corrects it.


Andy, this would not paste the CPlane used in the example file.


Bizarroid… Maybe because it’s degree 4? --Mitch

That is pretty strange - what is extra weird is that if you Rebuild the curve to a degree 5, 6 point curve and get the bounding box for the resulting curve, it is almost exactly the same as the incorrect one of the original curve…

Hm - the CPlane is non-standard… Anyway, clearly a bug someplace - I’ll put it on the heap.
@clement, thanks for posting this.

Thanks, both the curve and the CPlane orientation where coming from a script output.