More Make2D issues


I am testing out some scripts involving Make2D, and in doing so, I also check the results of the native Rhino command to see if they correspond. I have found a few issues with my test file attached below…

Run Make2D on the group of surfaces/polysurfaces in the file, using the Top view. Use “View” for projection, you can leave everything else unchecked. You will need to do a SelLast and Zoom Selected to find the result, it gets placed about 40,000 units from the origin! If you check “viewport rectangle”, you will also see it’s huge! And the result is not inside the rectangle…

(Minor niggle, as there are concurrent edges of surfaces that have different colors, the result of the letters is multicolored more or less randomly.)

If you use “CPlane” instead of “View” as a projection, the objects are projected in place (this is actually good), but if checked, a viewport rectangle is not created as far as I can find.

Make2DCube.3dm (134.0 KB)


(Pascal Golay) #2

Only 1400 units away here but, still… I suspect this has to do with recent changes to allow registering of sequential make2ds. I’ll poke around.



OK, thanks Pascal. Any idea why would I have different displacement results from you?


(Pascal Golay) #4

Hi Mitch - I think it may have to do with viewport aspect… I can’t remember the details of what we’re doing to maintain registering, even assuming I am correct that that is behind the problem - it is definitely getting the vp rectangle wrong. What it does get right is, if you make a new box, off to one side, then select just that box and Make2d again, the curves end up in the right place relative to the first Make2d, but it’s obviously messing something up on the way.