CPlane-aligned bounding box on text object totally wrong

In the attached, run both a world-aligned and CPlane-aligned bounding box on the text object. The second is totally wrong, far too big! This is killing some of my scripts (the scripted version does the same thing).

TextBB-Bug.3dm (48.7 KB)

I see that. I just added it to the pile.

I marked it as a regression


Note that V5 gets it right, but the current WIP has the same problem as V6.

How does one get the indicated dotted line in the image (which you see when turning on points or snapping to a text object)?


So I see this has been reported a year and a half ago, and I even tested it back then - my memory must be failing. :sleeping:

So on the two bug track items, the earlier one indicates no fix ‘till 7.x, whereas the newer one indicates 6.x… does this have a chance of getting fixed in V6? If not, I need to start revising a few scripts.

Mikko looked at it overnight and moved it to Lowell’s list for his review.
The assumption is something in the major annotation overhaul broke this again.
The BoundingBox command itself hasn’t changed in ages.