Boolean union mesh problem and CURA Software

Hello everyone, I have a problem with the model I need to create. I should combine three elements. In Grasshopper and Rhino there appear to be no problems, but when I load it into the 3D printing software, CURA, some layers do not print and an error is indicated in the model. I would be grateful if you could help me and find out what the problem is because I can’t understand it. I thank you in advance and i will upload the grasshopper rhino and cure files
bolean union (4.5 MB)
bolean union (43.0 KB)
cura file.stl (1.2 MB)

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First step to try is ShrinkWrap everything together into one piece.


Thanks a lot, but is it a grasshopper plugin?

it could be that there were problems in the boolean union. Try looking for a command (in rhino or grasshopper) that will do a more precise merge

It’s a command in Rhino 8 and a component in Grasshopper

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