Boolean Split fail

I am trying to split 3 shapes from one main shape using Boolean split. When it splits I get a distortion in the new surface that is created. I have tried rebuilding the shapes with more and less points but this doesn’t help. Can anyone advise on how to prevent this happening. Thanks

Hi Oliver - please post 3dm file with the inputs.


Hi Pascal, here is the file. Thanks
Boolean_Split.3dm (4.7 MB)

Hi Oliver - your objects are in outer space


Move everything closer to the world origin and it should all work.


Sorry Pascal, I quickly copy and pasted them into a new file. I reset the C plane to the object and I still get the same issue.
Screenshot 2021-06-14 at 18.17.04|333x500

Hi Oliver - That is not the problem, the problem is that in World coordinates the object is in outer space- the coordinates I posted above are of a point on the object - X is -39459530992.26 units away from the origin - the numbers are so large that there are not enough digits left to the right of the decimal to do the operation cleanly - you’ll notice that the display is also squirrelly. You need to move the geometry to, or much much closer to, the World origin.


Ok, any tips for repositioning everything to the World Origin? Sorry new to Rhino! Thanks

Hi Oliver - select everything you want to move - make sure nothing is locked or hidden - and start the Move command - snap to any point on an object as the point to move from, and then type in
w0 and Enter, then Zoom Extents or Zoom Selected to see the results. (ZE Enter, or ZS Enter by default)

a macro:

! _SelAll _Move _Pause _Pause W0 ZS