Boolean difference leaves surface

Creating a void so that protolabs can IM my part. Base piece passes, but the tabs are too thick. I created a void to fix that. Too ensure a through hole, I made the “void” .02" taller and offset it by .01". For some reason it still leaves a void sized surface after the Boolean difference. I tried building the void from an extruded surface and from a capped closed curve. Both leave a surface behind which can’t be deleted. Not sure how to post my model.


Drag and drop a model.3dm to the text box.

BSP-2B-PC-IM-Lid-F9BU3.3dm (828.5 KB)
Thanks now I really feel stupid. :slightly_smiling_face:

Got it! My “over engineering was the problem! I made the voids .500” and they leave clean holes. I shouldn’t have tried to outsmart Rhino.

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