Boolean difference failed rhino (I have just started with rhino)

I want to subtract the surface of a small rounded solid to a bigger surface of a rectangle, in order to have like a hole in the latter. I tried the Boolean difference the but it failed.

I have attached a screenshot that shows the two surfaces and the 3dm file.

Dispenser.3dm (181.2 KB)

I just started with rhino, please leave a comment.
Thank you.

Hi Thiago - see Help on Boolean operations -

Most often these are done using closed objects; it will work on two planar surfaces if they are exactly coplanar - use SetPt Z only, to force these to be colplanar. Note as well that surface direction matters when Boolean operations involve open objects like this. (Dir command). The normal direction will determine what happens in a Boolean.

See also the Trim, Split, and CurveBoolean commands.


Hi Pascal,
I changed the directions as you said and it worked.
Thanks for the tip, this is very useful.