Boolean difference failed

Model 1xd.3dm (9.7 MB)

Hey there,
Please help me with this issue, I want to delete the geometry through boolean difference but it fails every time also tried to wire-cut the geometry but it didn’t help as well.
Attaching the rhino file, please suggest to me any alternate way to do this.
Thank you!

Hello - the large object has an internal surface - Actually two, coincident -

these need to be removed (ExtractSrf). Then this setup will make the cut I think you want -


Not getting success :frowning:

Well, I don’t know - maybe I am misunderstanding what you need to do -
Model 1xd_PG.3dm (792.8 KB)


No, You did it right:)
But… I don’t understand how you done that
Can you please tell me the steps?
Thank you

If it’s difficult to hit the surfaces inside that geometry, you can ExtractSrf so you get a peek-hole in the walls (you can hide the extracted surface until you’re done deleting the inner surfaces).

From this hole you can then select the inner surfaces and delete them. (you have two surfaces on top of each other inside, so pick and delete twice):

Delete twice (now you can see the walls on the lower part of the model)

Restore the Extracted surface and perform the Boolean thing, and then you’re done. Worked fine for me using Rhino 7.5

// Rolf

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Oh Now I got this