A Simple Boolean Issue

Hi all,

I’m running into an issue where I am trying to boolean difference two objects but in the process, i’m getting an additional surface. There are no bad objects, and none are created in the process - yet an extra surface seems to appear. In the attached file, I am subtracting the ‘‘scalloped’’ profile from the (slightly curved) rectangular piece. The attached image shows the extra surface that I am getting.

Is anyone able to see what may be causing this issue?


01.3dm (83.4 KB)

Hi @sam.martin - The seam of the elliptic surface seems to be right on the intersection between the two objects, causing issues in the display mesh once substracted. Try moving the seam to the top of the surface with the _SrfSeam command and running the boolean again. SrfSeam works on an individual surface, so you’ll have to explode the object before running it and joining it back together before doing the substraction.

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Thanks for the quick reply Vanessa, that worked. I didn’t know that would cause an issue.


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