Boolean command making a file too big

Hi, I am mostly using rhino for jewelry work and in the end I need to export the file in .stl. The file becomes enormous, too big for the upload max size (64MB) not to mention that it becomes extremely slow. Could somene please help me?

Thanks a bunch!



Export when using a mesh format like stl will allow you to customize the mesh density with either a simple slider or the detailed controls such as maximum distance to surface for any vertex in the mesh. You can alternately use the Mesh command in Rhino first (only if the model is NURBS) and then use ReduceMesh to reduce the overall poly count.

If the slowness you mention is when rotating the mesh in the viewport, try turning off ‘mesh wires’ in the Display panel to the right when the slow viewport is active.

Thank you very much, Brian :slight_smile: But what would still be a good mesh density, that wouldn’t affect the end product? I have no clue when to stop.


That’s something I would decide depending on the size of the print, the resolution of the printer, the material finish of the material used (for instance, you might polish or sand it anyway) and the desired smoothness of the print. Try turning on ‘flat shading’ in the display panel and zooming out 'til the part is about the size it would be in the real world. This might give you a good idea of how many polys you’ll need for the stl.