Converting rhino file to stl

I have made structure for my building skin. i made contour and then used pipe command to give them thickness. I want to 3d print the file and its taking too long while converting my file to stl What should I do? Please help me.

The calculations to create a well fitting mesh from a com[plex model can take some time but not like you are implying.

I syspect you have a “Bad objects” with overlaps, self intersections, and microloops in ede curves. These problems can cause the meshing process to take a very long time and sometimes never complete.

If you run the Rhino SelBadObjects command, is anything selected?

No bad objects i have tried already

Then there’s no way to guess without a file.
Perhaps you can try meshing smaller portions of the file until you find one that is causing the problem.

I am assuming you have done this before and are using reasonable mesh settings.

my file is for 325 mbs i cant upload it here i guess

Try to simplify it and upload to Google Drive.

A mesh version of a file (STL) can easily be 10x larger than the NURBS Rhino 3dm file. That seems pretty impractical for STL printing.
You might need to to print it in smaller sections that fit together.
In that process you might very well come across the object(s) that are screwing up the mesher.