Modular design, speed, size of file

Hi, I have a problem that I can imagine comes from the same source. I work a lot with modular design, using a lot the boolean function. In the end I want to be able to print it, which means less than 65Mb file. First, the speed it terrible and second, even though I tweak the .stl properties I get a file that is too huge. Is there a function that glues the parts together in a different way than boolean, which makes it faster and smaller? Maybe making it a new solid without all the inner geometry?

Thank you very much for any thoughts!


Boolean operations should remove the “inner geometry” if that means the overlapping pieces. If the stl file generated from the final “solid” is too big, it may still be a matter of your mesh settings. Maybe read here and here for some advice. Post some info on the mesh settings you are using and also the model - overall size, how many surfaces/what kind of surfaces are in it, etc. if you can’t post the file itself.

For 3D printing you will definitely need to unify the different objects into one somehow for most of the machines out there to accept the file.