Bongo - Record History and Solid Points


I’m relatively new to Bongo and discovering all sorts with it, I have come across 2 challenges however where I cannot do what I would like.

  1. Bongo does not seem to remember history when using record history in rhino. (moving a curve that has had pipe command with record history.)
    (just thought, may be able to use Bongo’s parent/child.

  2. Bongo does not recognise when I move solid points.

Just thought I would throw it out there to see if anyone had any work arounds, or I’m doing something fundamentally wrong that is stopping me from doing these two.



  1. This should work. Could you send me the model please.
  2. This should also work but morphing only supports curves, surfaces, point clouds, meshes and single surface breps.


  • Lars
  1. Indeed moving the curve that is used in a ‘pipe’ procedure (with Recorded History) should move the pipe. Unfortunately the pipe isn’t redrawn when the animation is ‘Played’ (Previewed). You should preview by pressing and holding down left mouse button on the small right arrow button of the timeline slider.
  2. Indeed extrusions (I guess this is what you mean by ‘solid points’) can’t be morphed. Hopefully in version 3?

Thank you Lars and Luc, both your answers were very helpful.

  1. I have noticed this with a few other commands when previewing, I’ll keep an eye out for it. Is there a definitive list of commands that are supported by Bongo that someone could point me too?

  2. Solid points on polysurfaces actually, but by what you both said this isn’t possible.

I basically had to move a section of pipe and wanted to do so via the control points on the curve, it looks like I may have been able to do what I initially wanted.

Thank you!