How to animate a curve point

I have a pipe around a center-line curve, with the proper number of curve points, with HISTORY turned ON. I want to animate the position of a mid-point of the center curve, to move the shape of the pipe. The ends stay fixed, the mid-point moves, as if the pipe shifts positions sideways.

My intent is to keyframe animate the center-line curve mid-point, as a child of the tool that shoves the flexible pipe’s mid-pint, sideways about 12 inches.


Thanks !

A curve control point cannot be made child.
For your goal proper point objects can be used to create the curve (with History Recording) using the CurveThroughPt command, and then again with History create the pipe. The point objects do can be part of a parent/child hierarchy.
Shifting pipe.3dm (66.5 KB)

Remember that History recordings don’t update in the viewportdisplay when you ‘Play’ the animation. You should constantly press (not click) the next-frame-button on the timelineslider instead.


Ok, I’ll give it a try, but consider- draw a curve. make a pipe. manipulate curve point, History updates- pipe follows, curve point cannot be animated. Clear BONGO fail. Workaround: draw individual points, use curvethroughpt command to connect them, manipulate points, curve modifies. Will check to see if pipe modifies, too. Issue remains, as we are learning that HISTORY may only be one-level deep. I’ll let you know.

Animating history of a curve drawn to follow existing points in model does not work. Instead, must lay new points at desired locations, and GO BACK and create curve around THOSE. Tedious but workable.

I’ll let you know if 2nd level history updates, and we get a successful animation. Outlook hopeful !

Thanks !

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Nested History Recording works, be assured.

It would help when you would use the proper terminology for us to understand what you mean. By “made child” I mean included in a hierarchical parent/child relationship. What is your interpretation?

Animating an object by its control points is called “Morphing”. There is a video concerning on the website:
Also take a look at this sample model Shifting pipe 001.3dm (88.0 KB) No workaround is needed.


Made child is to make an object a child of another object. Any other possible interpretation? What terminology did I not use correctly ?

I’ll check out the videos and get back to you.

The “next-frame-button” is the “>” sign on the slider. It does work surprisingly well. The clicking also works, but it advances the animation by one frame only. (I am not surprised that most Bongo users hate this plugin.)

I don’t hate it. But I really would like to see an overhaul of the UI. :slight_smile: