Bongo not showing buttons in timeline

Hi there,
I have issue that bongo does not show any buttons in time line, start, stop etc…
I have tried both Rhino 8 latest, and Rhino 6.

Any solution for this?


Hi again Veljko,
Which version of Bongo are you using?
Maybe the Timeline window is shrunk?


Hi @Luc
it is Bongo v 2. 2/12/2019
I expanded it, but nothing…

OK, you have the latest version.
I cannot reproduce the issue here on my laptop.
Can you run the SystemInfo command and paste the result here? This way maybe @Lalli_Kallio can identify the flaw.

Hi, that looks like Compact Mode for the timeline.

You can disable it by right clicking the timeline and unchecking the compact mode option in the context menu.

this solves it.