Bongo: How reset the Pivot?



After rotating the Pivot a couple of times I notice that I have no clue of its exact current( and thus “reference”) angle.

So, if I want to adjust the Pivot rotation, I will start from an unknown (only approximate) angle.

How do I restore the Pivot directions to that of the World space for a fresh new start?

// Rolf

(Luc Adriaenssen) #2
  • Select the appropriate object

  • Click the “Rotate pivot” button in the Bongo Properties pane

    Alternatively you can use the BongoRotatePivot command

  • on the commandline you’ll see a “Reset” option
    Angle or first reference point <0> ( Reset ):

  • click on it or type R (or r) + Enter

Parallel workflow for BongoMovePivot.


Arrgh… :slight_smile: