Pivot point and rotation on a different point

Hi forum members, I moved the pivot point away from this part for a large radius rotation, the I’ve been trying to rotate this part but in the spot where it landed, like if the pivot point was in its original place within that part, every time I try to move the pivot point back after the initial rotation the part move to somewhere else, I don’t know how can I achieve this, any advice will be much appreciated.

It is rather difficult to understand what you are describing. Can you please post some screenshots or a the model itself?

I assume you used the BongoMovePivot command to move the pivot and the ‘Reset’ option within this command to restore it to the initial position?


Thank you Luc,

Yes, also tried 3Points with the same result, take a look at the screenshots, what I want is to rotate horizontal after rotation on that spot

There are a lot of objects but I forgot to change pivot display, shown only one of the objects, the last image is after using the Reset option.

The matter is that the BongoResetPivot command brings the pivot back to the default position of the object AS IF IT IS located at its basic position without the rotation caused by keyframes (as it were after executing a BongoRemoveKeyframes command. The keyframes however (in your case performing the rotation) remain so in the end the object itself still undergoes the same rotation.

Though when the same is done with a moving object the object remains in the position it is as determined by keyframe and timeline.

I’ll have to contact the developers to see whether this is a bug or intentional, but … it’s summer holidays!


Thanks Luc, there should be a way to move the pivot point once is done completing another action, like move, rotation, etc. and not affecting the position.

I don’t grasp what the goal is of your action.

You can rotate the object by simply using Rhino’s Rotate command even after moving the pivot away from its default position. In this case the BongoResetPivot command works perfectly.

It’s obvious the position of the pivot in relation to its object can NOT be change throughout an animation.


Got it, thanks Luc. I’m wondering if you can advice how to achieve the following animation, 3 structures hinged together sliding down to the water, the first two flipped over and the 3rd one landed in the upright position on top of the 2nd one. I just can make it work. I’ll really appreciate your expertise, hope you can help me out. Thank you.

A sketch says more than 1000 words.
Indeed a mindbender: a dual hinging element against the iron rule of Bongo: 1 object = 1 pivot!

The solution lies in a kind of structure used in a ‘bommer hinge’. In Bvasquez.3dm (98.0 KB) I used 2 auxiliary point-objects to take care of the hinging job. It’s not easy to get a fluent elegant movement of the entire structure, but fiddling with the tweening setting can help.


Hi Luc, that’s exactly what I was trying to do, I really appreciate your support. Have a great day!


Hi Luc, I said that this was what I wanted to achieve, but I can do it in my model, I’m not new with Bongo but only have done simple animations, would you do a big favor for me and the community? Is it possible to do a tutorial from your animation? Then you or I can post it to help more users like me find solutions to situations like this one. I maybe asking for a lot of effort, if so I apologize for the request, but hopefully you could find some free time to support it. Thank you.

My wife and I are leaving on vacation tomorrow, and in the beginning of September I need some (minor) surgery. After that I’ll see what I can do. Moreover we are working on Bongo 3.0. I’ve 2 other tutorial projects in the pipe, but this kind of Forward Kinematic enigma indeed might be of interest for other users.


Hi Luc, thanks for the letting me know. What I meant is that I can’t make it work in my model, that’s why I need the tutorial.

I hope you can have some time to work on it, it will be very helpful.

Enjoy your vacation and a fast recovery from your minor surgery.


That’s what you wrote :roll_eyes:.

So you would like a private tutorial on ‘how to’. I hope your project can wait a while.
Luc :airplane:

I know, I noticed that once I read it again with your reply, sorry for the confusion.

Thank you and have a nice trip.