Bolts, nuts for Rhino

Hello, where it is possible to do, generate bolts, nuts, washers, screws for Rhinoceros?

BoltGen is quite good:


Hi! Yes, the plug-in is good - thanks!:slight_smile:

great little plugin, and their website logo is quite
bonkers really, i dont quite get
whats going on in there, is the ball being
rolled up and down the hill or what?

Never model fasteners ever again! !!!

go to mcmaster carr, drill down on a specific bolt or nut you want (or anything in the catalog, gears, bushings, etc) , then go to the product details and download the CAD file of that item in step format. import into rhino and use them in actual scale. your parts will print accurately and your threads will work perfectly (after a quick tap and die cleanup)


Yeah, McMaster is a great mechanical CAD resource… --Mitch

On McMaster all for a fee?

Their catalog is open for public view. No fee. Of course, I’m a customer, though…

No, for free, not for fee… It’s in their best interest to publish as many CAD files as possible of their parts, if people download the files, they generally also buy from them later. I just wish we had something like McMaster here…


Indeed. I can’t tell you how many times “McMASTER #xxxxxxxx OR SIMILAR” has appeared on my drawings, all because it was easy to search their catalog and pop it in the model. I also love that in Rhino I can add the hyperlink for the part under properties so if I have to get more info on it when annotating, it’s easy to do. And around here they are next day shipping. And they are really nice.

All thanks!:slight_smile:
I will glance in McMaster later…

yes all free

The logo is a side view animation of how our engine works, turns 2 propellers in opposite directions by bearings rolling on 3 cam tracks (one linear up/down, 2 rotors). Please see the home page at for an animation of the engine functioning while it is assembled, and you can download a much larger video that runs slower with more detail. The dot rolling up and down represents one of 2 bearings attached to one of the 2 pistons in the cylinder sleeve (the other one is 90 degrees around moving opposite directions to the front one), and that is basicly the whole engine in the hub. The 2 pistons form a supercharger pump and with 500 cc, we expect to get over 200 hp. The engine weighs under 30 pounds and should be very efficient since it recycles heat and is fuel-injected.
That is the reason I created BoltGen, to aid in my engine development. Many people wanted it so I gave it to the world with multiple translations, and now over 35,000 people are using it.
Thanks for your funny review of the logo, it does have a purpose. :slight_smile:
Regards, Ray McKaig

cheers!! im totally blown away by that machine!!
BTW whos the kool kid in the garden?

McMaster-carr is an amzing resource… thank you for pointing it out

Hi Ray McKaig, design of the website it would be worth remaking,:wink: and that this…