Bolts Holes nuts washers & screws

Can some one suggest me any good plugin for the screw holes bolt and nuts in grasshopper

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BoltGen is a Rhino plugin, not Grasshopper:


thank you @Joseph_Oster

but its rhino how can i have in gh !!

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This thread has some GH examples that look pretty good to me.

I’ve used the Elefront plugin to drop in blocks of bolts/nuts, along with cylinders that I end up using for Boolean/Solid Difference operations to cut the holes. Means you have to have a file for the bolt and nut, but that’s easy enough to get from something like GrabCAD or McMaster-Carr.

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Agreed, I’d just download any from Mcmaster then put it in a brep container.

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Because I end up using the blocks to make layout views, etc, my process is:

  1. Download the part from McMaster (or GrabCAD, or Misumi, or wherever) as a STEP file
  2. Make sure that the base point and orientation of the part make sense, with regards to how I’m going to insert the file. Bolts, for example, I usually set the base point to the center underneath the head.
  3. Add a curve somewhere in the object so that Pen mode recognizes it properly (usually just a DupEdge)
  4. Save as a Rhino file, somewhere I can find it (usually a hardware folder for the job I’m working on…haven’t built the company part library - yet), with a descriptive part name (for example, “10-24 x 1L Socket Head Cap Screw (McMC 91251A247).3dm”
  5. Insert that into Rhino as a block, or into Grasshopper using Elefront.

@ssommerv (elefront plugin used)
it make the wrok flow a bit good
i have used elefront plugin and try to do
screw.3dm (630.5 KB) (9.0 KB)

If you want to show the grasshopper file maybe it would not be a bad idea move the picture of the viewport so that the definition stays visible in the background

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back found a new plugin for Bolts screw nut and washer
might be use ful for those who r looking for it