Bolt Gen need bolts this is the tool

I draw most anything I am going to build whether it is jewelry, a building, benches or when its a new home made machine or tool for my studio. I am in the process of designing a small bench shear for my studio and dreaded drawing the bolts needed to complete my drawing. I remembered seeing a thread on the forum one time that talked about an assortment of screws and bolts someone had drawn and they were offering the files for free.

Rather than trying to find this thread I went to food for Rhino. On the third page there was a plug in BoltGen, I read about it and thought this was exactly what I needed. I downloaded it and installed it. I must say it is wonderful and worked like a dream, I only needed two sizes of bolts, had BoltGen do its magic “which it is” it placed the bolt on my open drawing. Once I had access to this one bolt by using my gumball things went great. I got my second bolt and again using gumball had twelve in no time. I had twenty bolts in place in a matter of minutes, much quicker than drawing them.

If you need screws or bolts for you drawings download BoltGen its a treasure.

All my best … Danny

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I agree, Boltgen is great!

I’ve used boltgen too and love it. A well thought out and simple but powerful plug-in.