Parts library

is there a parts library for common architectural items i can download… things like bolts and brackets? Thanks

There are several places on the Internet - often directly where from the manufacturer - you can do that. Not in the 3dm format but mostly as step files.

For bolts food 4 rhino has boltgen I assure you that it is wonderful. Best thing its free you just tell it what type screw or bolt you want and it is generated right on your drawing.

here is a direct link to boltgen

All my best … Danny

If your intention is to insert and later order 100% matching parts, you might try this


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great links! I downloaded the boltgen but I think it didn’t install properly, For metric bolts I get an error that no head data is available… Does boltgen make the nuts also? I really appreciate all the help on this forum. great community! thanks. e

Thank you Clement for this link! Great :smiley:


I just used Bolt Gen to make a metric bolt and nut and it worked perfectly, so I assume your doing something wrong, or you need to uninstall and reinstall. Attached is an image of the two.

All my best … Danny

thanks lo- I will give it a fresh install~!

The McMaster-Carr website has a lot of digital objects.