Boeing 314

A model I did for fun back in 2009, Vray render.
Oh yes, I am a flying boat “aficionado”.



Very nice, I especially like the motion implied in the propellers… radial blurred transparency map?

Thank you.
Yes, I used a transparency map radially blurrred for the simulation of motion in the propellers.

Here goes another render of the same model, this time with a background image of costal Portugal. Some light post processing in Paint ShopPro.


Propellers are indeed done very well. I also like the sense of scale, even though in the first render there’s no point of reference, it still captures the size of it.


Thank you.

All I can say is I love it, it is truly amazing what people are doing with this wonderful software. Thank you for sharing this.

All my best … Danny

Thank you.
Here goes an inside view of the model. The rivet lines on the fuselage (red/orange lines) were modelled as pipes, not textured.

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If you’re interested in another project check out this guy’s Spitfire CAD drawings. He’s insane!!
I used them to model a Spit when I was learning Max.

Thank you for the link, Spitfires are beautiful planes and that book seems a fantastic reference.
An extraordinary man that flew 14 Spitfire types, Captain Eric Brown, passed away early this week at 97. An incredible life:


I love the Spitfire. I was just getting started in rendering in Rhino with KeyShot and did a comparison series of renders in it and my favorite OCTANE for Rhino3d. Similar results but Octane is much faster due to being a GPU renderer. Keyshot changes hands so often I’m glad I stuck with Octane. Got to love the Spitfire though.

If the OP would care to download the Boeing 314, I’d love to have a go at rendering it.

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Congrats on a great model. Did you get a loft model, or just go by what your eye told you about the type?

I have some type data loft models from Boeing, but I would never let them out of the vault, but have imported them into Rhino to render our modifications as installed. Don’t worry I am not Boeing IP police and they don’t care much about out of production stuff anyway. Just curious since it came out so well.

Thank you. I made the model mostly based on a set of 3D views I found on the internet (see attached images)
For the details also used this fine book I found on Amazon:

An interesting fact about this plane that allured me was that in landed in the Tagus river, in Lisbon, Portugal. At some point I also intended to make a scale RC model of it but that never happened, maybe one day…I used to fly RC watercraft as they are challenging to operate, beautiful to watch take off and “land” and usually you go to nice and quiet places to fly them.



I don't take credit for the wonderful model by Anders Lejack. I think he did the model in Modo. He is very generous to share many of his models. I think with some practice I could do such a model in Rhino but what Anders is a master at is the texture and bump mapping for rivet heads and oil stains and such. He has great tutorials on his site.

Check out his UV maps;