Avro Lancaster Bomber

Avro Lancaster Bomber modeled from Laser Scanner pointcloud.


Hi Mike,
AWESOME. to see subject matter that is my territory is hyper rare, first time in fact, so I am not alone after all., to find someone into such is fantastic.
Canadian Warplane Heritage Lancaster, no turret fire deflector mid upper !
I would love to know more about what you have managed so far, how you did this, costs, time, GBs of data, spec of PC as I am about to rebuild PC to do just this, especially how one goes about surfacing a pint cloud as I have photogrammetry results but the next step of surfacing and achieving what you have manages is a total mystery.

I would love to chat on this but privately, whatsapp phone etc, free calls.

How best can I do this communication with you ?

Show you what I have managed so far, inc a full size aircraft now existing :slight_smile:


What I can say is that for the fuselage presume you can use more second-degree surfaces with a fixed radius section curve instead of only one or two of several degrees. Awesome.

Looking great!
What was the source of data?


Hi, Thanks. The aircraft was scanned with a Leica HDS 7000 Laser Scanner.

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How was the render done? Software, configuration, etc. so cute!