Ducted Fan Airplane

Finally decided to experiment with SubD in version 7 for this project and love it. Here’s my updated concept of a sport jet kit plane (Sub Sonex). Plans are to build a scaled radio controlled version around a 80mm electric ducted fan. Kyle Houchens - thanks for your numerous YouTube tutorials and promotion of this amazing tool.


Will be interested in the final render! Definitely getting some SF50 vibes going on here with the V-tail and the canted fan.

Cirrus Vision SF50 for sure! Just couldn’t accommodate a similar form factor for the engine pod given the relative size of the EDF.

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Hopefully at some point I’ll have the skills/modeling knowledge to start working aircraft since I’m a pilot :slight_smile:

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Although it may be more optimized more for buildings, there is a Rhino 3D Grasshopper system for OpenFoam called Butterfly, you know for doing CFD. OpenFoam itself can likely solve you CFD anything, though it’s a complex system.

I and another person have looked into getting Butterfly going with the newer versions of BlueCFD (Openfoam).

[I’ve also had some positive results with Code Saturne. Both are open source.]

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Hi Brenda - Thanks for the reference!