Ducted Fan Airplane

Finally decided to experiment with SubD in version 7 for this project and love it. Here’s my updated concept of a sport jet kit plane (Sub Sonex). Plans are to build a scaled radio controlled version around a 80mm electric ducted fan. Kyle Houchens - thanks for your numerous YouTube tutorials and promotion of this amazing tool.


Will be interested in the final render! Definitely getting some SF50 vibes going on here with the V-tail and the canted fan.

Cirrus Vision SF50 for sure! Just couldn’t accommodate a similar form factor for the engine pod given the relative size of the EDF.

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Hopefully at some point I’ll have the skills/modeling knowledge to start working aircraft since I’m a pilot :slight_smile:

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Although it may be more optimized more for buildings, there is a Rhino 3D Grasshopper system for OpenFoam called Butterfly, you know for doing CFD. OpenFoam itself can likely solve you CFD anything, though it’s a complex system.

I and another person have looked into getting Butterfly going with the newer versions of BlueCFD (Openfoam).

[I’ve also had some positive results with Code Saturne. Both are open source.]

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Hi Brenda - Thanks for the reference!

Remarkable model, @basilp. Awesome!

Guess we have common interest in the hobby. I use BlueCore CFD to simulate and digital prototype my 3d printed and depron constructed rc planes.

I’m now learning on how the whole process will simplify and validate the model for near future builts, from some recent personal projects.

And looking at some great work from many people like Kyle etc. surely boost the motivation :smiley:


Great stuff Bimo! Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

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Good job!

But I think, the height of the cabin (as a barrier) affect the fan efficiency.

Thanks! The height of the canopy was predetermined by human factor constraints carried over from the full scale model, but to your point - it is of concern. Plans are to build a scale version as a "chuck glider and then move on to the RC powered version.

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