Block edit and non-uniform scale

I use the in-place block edit command all the time. Sooo useful !
However, if the block has been inserted (or scaled afterwards) with a non-uniform scale, it cannot be edited.
How difficult would it be to implement a macro that scales the block back to a uniform scale, applies the block edit command and it re-scales the block back to the original non-uniform state ?

Hello - it is probably easier to insert a new instance, edit that, then delete the instance, and the scaled version should update.


That’s what I have to do at the moment. Just wondering if it could be done in place … Thanks Pascal.

Hi Juan - it might be possible - the thing is you’d have to be able to remove the part of the transform that is non-uniform scaling, and otherwise put the thing in the right place and orientation for editing. I don’t know how hard that might be, but it seems possibly hard, with the current tools.


I seem to recall having a Lisp routine in Acad a long time ago that essentially reset the transform matrix to 0 for the 3 angles and 1 for the scales and left the block in the same insertion point, then explode it, do the editing, re-block and re-apply the original transforms. Anyway, maybe a member programming wizard can take this on for fun … :slight_smile:

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Yep, I can do that but it would be un-rotated etc for the edit - if that is OK, I can cook something up,


I realize that. Usually I seldom use blocks defined in different units that can give you the surprise of either becoming huge or minuscule when reset to 1,1,1 scale. Go ahead and see what you can come up with. No rush, by the way, I know you are busy …

RH-57957 is fixed in the latest WIP