Having issue: Blockedit is unknown command on rhino 5

a month ago, block edit was working fine. just now, it stopped recognizing the command. im using rhino 5


Can you check in Options if the BlockEdit plugin is enabled:

Hi Willem,
thanks for your reply. I checked in the options and it is enabled. still not working

I think @pascal can best help you out from here.

There are options to repair an installation and you will have to make sure Rhino is properly updated to the latest ServiceRelease for V5

Is there anything that changed recently that can be related to this?
Are other commands working as expected?


Is this when you type it into the command line, especially if you use the autocomplete to do so, or is it when you use a menu pick or a toolbar icon? Or maybe all three?

Hello -
Does the command line say ‘Unknown command’?
Does a double-click on a block instance do anything? I am guessing not, but let’s check anyway…


Hi Pascal,
When i double click on block, it doesnt do anything. when i type command, it says unknown command.

Hi - Did you try to repair the installation as Willem suggested?
(Windows Control Panel > Programs and Features > Rhino 5 > Repair)