Blocked plugins error for Rhino 6

Hi there. Rhino 6 Educational User here. I’ve recently installed Enscape and Twinmotion for my computer but Rhino keeps giving me a blocked plugin message upon startup. The Twinmotion plugin is also missing from the interface.

I’ve installed Enscape for all users, though Windows doesn’t seem to allow me to run the Installer as administrator. I’ve booted up Rhino 6 Educational and went to the toolbars and the enscape .rui plugin was there. When I brought it up in Rhino however, Rhino gives me an unknown command message when I hit start, which as a result does not allow me to run Enscape normally.

The unblock tutorial on the McNeel Wiki does not work for me either. I have tried reinstalling Rhino 6 as admin numerous times but that didn’t work.

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

Hello - please see

does that help? Make sure Rhino is closed when you unblock.