Rhino Blocks Internet Connection to Enscape

Hey there,

I’ve been encountering this problem since I’ve donwloaded Enscape. It appeares to me, that Rhino might be blocking internet connection to Enscape, since, as I have checked, Enscape works in every other software installed on my computer (e. g. Revit, SketchUp, etc.), but in Rhino. When I, for instance, try to reach the Enscape Asset Library, the message shown on the screenshot pops up. How can I unblock this Rhino ‘firewall’. Also, one thing to mention is that, the V-Ray asset library Chaos Cosmos is working perfectly fine with Rhino, but this might be due to Chaos Cosmos acting as a standalone app and works rather independent and not via Rhino.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Jonathan, Rhino doesn’t have a ‘firewall’ or affect anything in this regard. This is most likely a plugin not enabled or enscape service not properly implemented.