Block update dialog annoyance

Hi McNeelies,
Please see this:

I reported this already one year ago. It’s still the same. Can this please get fixed? It’s wrong, it’s stopping my models to load,… it’s simply annoying.

thanks, Tobias

Hi Tobias - I remember this and also not being able to repeat it, as I recall - does any of the linked blocks contain another linked block that could be out of date?


Hi Pascal,
No, none of the linked blocks contains other blocks. But I noticed that it´s not with all files containing blocks. It always happens with my nestings.
I´ll put some example files together and mail it to you to test.

gr, Tobias

Looks like me too I’m unable to reproduce the problem. If I try to put an example together with a path which workes everywhere, like all under C: the problem doesn’t appear…

Then I thought it might have something to do with Google Drive (the original problematic files are all on Google Drive), but even there I couldn’t create the same problematic scenario.

So, maybe I have to live with the problem since it just appears in my very own setup…

thanks anyway,

Hi Tobias- OK, just shout is you can reproduce it. I can see how GoogleDrive might cause trouble in some cases, maybe - I sometimes see 3dm files that are marked ‘conflict’ on my Google drive when as far as I know there is none.