Important bug with blocks


I have a car model made of meshes only (imported from FBX file). Whenever I try to create a block definition out of a mesh or group of meshes (from example a wheel), other objects which are not part of the block definition get misplaced. They come back to their proper location when I explode the block definition again…
This makes using blocks impossible in that particular model

I have used blocks in many other project without having that problem. It could be that I was using surfaces and not meshes, or because I updated recently to the latest program version.

This is a huge issue since using block instances is impossible in that scene!

Anyone aware of that bug?


Here is a scene file showing the issue.

  1. Select one of the four wheels
  2. Create a block definition (pick any base point, set block name, OK)
  3. Unselect the newly created block
    -> You see other wheels moving to a wrong position
  4. Reselect the created block
    -> The other wheels come back to their proper location

bug.3dm (515.7 KB)

It seems to work ok here…

Hi Etienne - I do not see that here either so far. I see that one of the brake ‘assemblies’ is not the same as the others in that it is two meshes rather than one, but it behaves normally as far as I can see. Can you send the complete file to


Hi, the bug does happen on that minimal file (I checked again), so I do not see how sending the full file would help.
Yes, one of the wheels is different, because it has been edited, and I would like to replace the other ones by instances rather than copies. That’s exactly the intent.

I just checked that disabling OpenGL acceleration fixes the issue. So it may be related with the driver. I have a FirePro W8100, I will check with newest drivers. It seems the transformation matrix is not properly computed somewhere when there are blocks.


The newest AMD drivers fixed the problem, they were quite old (one major version number).

OK, good- thanks for letting us know.