Paths... block files

There are several users on our team that use my model. They download it from a shared google drive.

One guy uses a Mac and he’s saying that Rhino can never find the linked block files and makes him spend forever clicking through hundreds of missing block file dialogs.

Any ideas?

Hi Ryan- no ideas yet, but I’ll see if I can reproduce. Are the linked files present on the mac’s Google drive folder as expected?

Hmm- it worked here ok- Rhino for Mac opened my file from GoogleDrive and found the linked files.


Nobody is opening directly from the google drive… accidental save/overwrite issues contaminating the parent file and lock files / multiple users / disabling auto backup syncing to all users etc. issues. You get the picture.

Users are supposed to be copying the entire contents to a local working folder.

I have the parent file in a working folder. also in the working folder (parallel with the main file) is a parts folder. In the parts folder is all (70gb) the linked block files.

Hi Ryan- nevertheless, are all the files in the same relative path where they are being opened as when saved?


Yes relative paths should be the same.

A thought just occured to me that I can’t test (no mac rhino)

Let’s say one linked block file is missing.

Would mac rhino erroneously prompt the user to search for all the remaining files… i.e. assume they’re all missing if it can’t find one?

My mac guy is saying it doesn’t happen every time. Wondering if sometimes if he forgets to pull any new parts or if I forget to add a new part to the shared folder but update the parent file.

Hi Ryan- I only see it asking once about the missing file, here.