Block and Units

I am curious why blocks do not scale with units?

Here i have project that I created in FEET. I created blocks. Then I switched to INCHES to work on other things. Now, when I insert the blocks created when I was in FEET turn out in 1:12 scale when inserted while i INCHES:
(Microscopic blocks highlighted were created when Units were FEET).

Well, that is one of the perverse effects of the “automatic scaling” mechanism introduced in V5 for imports and inserts. Blocks have units attached (as far as I understand), the idea being that you can insert a block based on a file drawn in mm into a current cm file and have it come in correctly. The side effect is that when the blocks are drawn in the same file and the units are changed, the block units don’t change along with… Dunno if this qualifies as a “papercut”…

My main issue here is that there is no longer a warning dialog saying that the object you are inserting/importing is not in the same units as the current file and asking them if they want to scale or not… Requests for this have not met with positive interest.


I just posted another problem with blocks that I suspect is the result of units. The block appears fine initially but when I change the block definition, the block appears to scale up.

And, is there any way to change the units for a block?