Placing Blocks in Grasshopper with correct units

Ok - it seems there is no quick solution to this, I’ll just hope it doesn’t become more of an issue. The Rhino document’s units are readily accessible, but to do proper conversions I would need to know all the blocks’ intended units as well. So the question is, do blocks have units associated with them, or not? If not, I would have to know the intended units of all the blocks I was working with ahead of time and put that information in grasshopper, so that I could perform the proper scaling on each block as I inserted it into the document. Could be annoying if I am working with many blocks from different sources with different intended units.

Again, do block definitions have units, and can that be accessed in Grasshopper? Or, alternatively, can the block’s units be changed in the Rhino document, without manually scaling each block and re-saving the definition. I have searched for a definitive statement on this and found nothing.

The only other investigation into this question that I’ve found is this thread [here]. It was inconclusive.