Elefront place block scale


I’m trying to use Elefront’s (@AlanTai) Insert Block component in Rhino 7 but the block is coming in at the wrong scale. I’m using meters in the Rhino document and as far as I understand, Blocks don’t have a unit associated to them. But when the blocks come in, they are scaled up x1000.

This only happens when inserting a block. If I reference the block (using Elefront) the scale is correct. So it seems to be an issue with the insert function.

Is this a bug in Rhino or Elefront or am I doing something wrong?

Hey @parametricmonkey1,

Instance definitions do have a unit system. When you insert a block, Rhino scales the instance object based on this.

If you use RhinoCommon, see the InstanceDefinition.UnitSystem property.

test.gh (5.2 KB)

– Dale

Hi Dale

Thanks for the response. Might be best to deal with the original Rhino block first as this is where the problem begins. Is there a setting somewhere in Rhino where the units can be changed?

Hi Paul, good to see you on here! What is the unit of spider block? From your example it appears the block has been inserted into the active document, was it scaled at the time of insertion? A quick test of a block created in meters and then inserted into a document set in millimeters seems to work as expected.

Original block in meters.

Hi Evan!

Yes, clearly the block has been scaled so I’m wondering if there is any functionality in Rhino where I can actually check what unit it was created with. Because I can’t see any settings which looks like a major oversight. If not, I’ll need to explode and recreate which is not ideal.