BlendSrf - Why the twist?

So i have these two surfaces, with the same orientation of the internal structure, but when I run BlendSrf the blend gets twisted, and it seems I have no way of avoiding this. What am I missing?

Fig 1. Starting conditions:

Fig 2. Twisted result:

I often encounter this situation. How do I avoid this? What am I doing wrong? (R6.18)

// Rolf

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I have noticed it is important to click the same, far or close, (looking at the image) ends of the edges.


Hm. I’ll try that.

Edit: Yes, that did the trick.

I think every surface command except maybe NetworkSrf takes in count where do you click on each curve/edge

An option to “flip” the edges (similar to the loft command) would be very helpful.


Yep, got that, thanks