Two BlendSrf Requests

I’ve been getting up to speed on V7 - there’s a few things on BlendSrf that I’m frankly surprised aren’t there yet.

  1. Would be super helpful to have the ability to “flip” the direction off either edge so that instead of going away from the edge, it goes towards the edge - hopefully that makes sense. Just two buttons - Flip 1/Flip 2 would be all that would be needed, and would be hugely helpful.

  2. I’m sure this has been mentioned before, but being able to get a curvature graph running on a blend while the command is in progress in a dynamic fashion would be fantastic.

Hi Sky - the graph works now if the input surfaces are showing graphs. I will add flipping to the pile.
@sgreenawalt - can you post an example of where you’d want the flip so I can add it to the bug track item?

RH-64360 BlendSrf : Curvature graph control to match BlendCrv

RH-64359 BlendSrf: Flip the blend


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If there’s any way in the future to have basically all the curvature graph options nested inside of the BlendSrf command, that’d be even better, but super stoked there’s a way to have it running currently.

As for the example, there’s tons of instances where this is helpful, I’ll cook one up and post it.

Here’s a great 2D analog of why this type of functionality can be so useful - on things like wing flap coves, the closeout is something like a tangent blend of the trimmed wing, with the directions flipped. Really just looking for the same BlendCrv functionality seen here to be brought into BlendSrf!

I should add - the way that CurvatureGraph can be brought up in BlendCrv is totally excellent - really both of these requests boil down to “hey can we get that sweet sweet BlendCrv functionality bumped up into BlendSrf?”