Blending two curves (Tangency on both ends) through a point

I wonder if there is a tool or method to blend two curves (with Tangency selected for curve continuity, for both ends) but goes through a point.

For example, I want to blend the highlighted curves (image below) and want the line to go through the point between them.

Continue InterpCrv seems to do what I want but it does not keep the tangency at the second curve:

Does anyone know how to approach this?

you may need to do this in 2 curves. run blend curve from the point to one of the curves, then run blendcurve to blend the remaining gap.

Thank you Kyle!
That could be a way to do it.
It just require some manual work - pulling/pushing bulge.
I just wished if a tool could just do it for me like some of other CAD software does (Such as Creo).
but not gonna complain since it works.

maybe you can use interpolate crv and then Match

I tried that but match ignores the point in the middle. It just rebuilds the crv.

Hi @jshk93
Maybe I’m misunderstanding, but can’t you use interpcrv with starttangent, select one curve end, then click the point and then finish off with endtangent?
HTH, Jakob

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I just make a line the same length as document tolerance instead of a point, and blend both curves to that.

You can try this method:
1:Open “Record History” and “Always Record History”

2:Draw a straight line, then blend the curves(You can adjust the shape by rotating the straight line.)

3:If you want to merge two curves into one curve, you can use the “Match” command

Thank you so much Normand,
I didn’t why I could do that with Interpcrv.
But your suggestion is exactly what I wanted

Yeah I can see that as one solution. I was just trying to find the quickest way to make curve without having to do an extra step - drawing another line.
Thank you for your advice!

Hey Naruto,
I can definitely see that’s one way to do it but I was wondering if there is any way that would make the like/crv quickly.
I think what Normand was showing is what I wanted.
Thank you for the suggestion with quick animation.