Feature Request for Curve Network Workflow

Please bare with me on this feature request. This is a workflow that I have used a long time ago in another software far far away. In a nut shell what I am looking for in Rhino is a way to build wire frames that dynamically recognize tangency as you create curves. This improves the speed of quality modeling. I understand the functionality if EndBulge. This proposal is for a further automated extension of that. Please see below:

  1. Start with a degree 3(or higher) curve.
  2. Create a new degree 3(or higher) curve that snaps to an end of the original curve.
  3. A condition would need to be set that would recognize tangency between the two curves and adjust the 2 curves automatically with 1:1 influence between the two. The result would also give you a bezier controller that could be used to modify the curves while maintaining tangency between the curves.
    This is an example of how I would expect the curves to be updated by manipulating the bezier anchor.
  4. Additional curves could be introduced to this curve network.
    This is an example of how this network could extend.

    5-6) Adding to this curve network.
  5. Continuing a chain of curves with tangency on either end.

Please let me know if this is unclear or if there are any questions. I am an artist/modeler not a proficient scripter or coder.


Hi Kevin- looking at what Rhino has in place, that is, what you can do now, I guess I’d make my basic set of curves as lines (or polylines, followed by Explode) then use Match for tangency with Average checked and preserve other end set to Position or tangency as needed (e.g. on the more vertical curves in your example, maybe preserve position only for the lower ends but preserve tangency on the horizontal curves.)

More what you want could be done (something like the bezier handles) if Match had History, which of course right now it does not… you could then turn on points and wiggle them as needed and the other curve would pay attention. I do not know what the prospects are for Match to have History enabled- it would be nice…
The last bit is making this somehow automatic…


Thanks Pascal for your quick response!

I came across this workflow in '98 when I was learning NURB modeling. I was struggling when I found this and built the most perfect pair of sculptural lips in like 10 minutes. It made a profound impression. I have been wanting this since I started with Rhino 10 years ago.

Match does work great! I look at this(history with match/auto tangency) the way I look at the gumball. You dont need it, but in makes Rhino a LOT more Fast and friendly.