Blend Two Sets of Closed Curves


I am making 2 towers and I want them to be connected together by blending some floor plates - however as you can see in the images, I am having difficulty adjusting the Bulge Factors so that I can achieve a smoother connecting lines - I feel like the problem is due to CrvCP component & the resulting point’s position given that the towers are rotating.

I just want a nice blend on each floor (pic shown). How can I achieve it?

2019-04-18.3dm (82.4 KB) (30.3 KB)

You misunderstand how blend curves works, it blends ends of curves to the starts of others. You shouldn’t use closed curves otherwise you are blending to the seams, this problem has nothing to do with bulge factors.

Okay, but I am making 2 towers that are connected so that’s why the curves are closed. these blends occur in the middle of the towers. I know I am blending the seams but is there no way to achive a cleaner blend like the 2nd set of pics?

Sure, I would do this. Intersect the curves, shatter them and remove the intersection parts, shrink the remaining curves with negative extension, blend with connect curves.

In your second set of pictures the floors don’t intersect, in that case you will need to define a different way to determine which parts of the curves get trimmed away so you can blend.

Connect (18.2 KB)

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Wow, thank you very much Michael! You are amazing :slight_smile: It worked quite well. :black_heart: