Connecting Vertices on a Surfaces with Curves


I’m fairly new to Grasshopper and I cannot figure out how to connect the floors of my tower with columns. My goal is to have a column curving with the points at the corners of the tower as shown here:

Screen Shot 2020-02-28 at 5.18.33 PM|256x500

Any help would be very appreciated!

Tower (36.1 KB)

You mean this?

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Yes! but I need to be able to offset the curves into the tower so they act as curved columns, when I use the offset command from this the curves distort. Are there any other ways to do this?

Flatten input to Loft (white group):

Or study the model I posted six hours ago more carefully:

But you don’t clarify about the shape of the culumn

There are problems with the way you created these curves that result in a messed up Loft. Their directions are not all the same:

So I added Flip Curve to the white group, but their start/end points (“seams”) are still not the same:

So I checked the Loft option ‘Align sections’, which fixes the top curve but unfortunately there is still a twist in the loft near the bottom:

I didn’t have these problems in my earlier model.

OH! I didn’t see your image (and misinterpreted your request):

Unfortunately (again) the solution to these “columns” is also affected by misaligned seams. It’s better to avoid such problems than jump through hoops to fix them.


Did you use an expression? if so can you post it? (40.6 KB)