Having difficulty consistently blending curves from different construction planes

I’m working on the solid railing of a stair and its comprised of curves from different construction planes. I’d like to smooth/blend/3d fillet (if that’s a thing?) these points in a controlled manner, but can’t find a command that allows me to do this consistently. I’ve been trying with both Rhino 7 modeling tools and grasshopper.

The blendcrv command is awesome, but it’s not consistent because it depends on how far along the line I click to start the blend.

How would you recommend doing this consistently as part of the design process? If you think there’s a better way in grasshopper I’m completely open to that too and can try posting on the grasshopper section.

Here are some examples and the file is included too:

Railing Lines (arrows show corners that I would like to smooth out)

Quick n Dirty method with blendcrv

Rhino 3DM File
stair.3dm (7.9 MB)

Hello - BlendCrv is your friend here, I would say, you just need to mark off the distances from the intersection and drag the end of the blend to that location (Say make a sphere centered on each intersection of a consistent radius and intersect with the curves to get the marker points - you could even trim the curves with the spheres and blend from the ends of the remaining bits of the curves).




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