Help with the stem of this hull

I would like to get this stem area to fair in better with the rest of the hull. I created the stem three different ways: blend surfaces, sweep two rails, and curve network. None of these methods show good form when checking with zebra. Any suggestions?bow on zebra

Forgot to mention this was done in release 5. I can upload the file but don’t thinks it’s necessary at this point.

Hello - Loft between the edges, then MatchSrf for curvature - try the various settings but my guess is you want ‘match target isocurve direction’. Feel free to post the surfaces or send to with a link back here in your comments.


Robb, show us your control points, maybe there could be some tweaking of the bottom part of the hull surfaces near the stem? But I’d have thought a blend (curvature) would have been fine so long as there are no funny control point positions in the main surfaces.

I’m happy to take a look if you want to PM me the surfaces. It’ll be in ICEM Surf though…if that even matters…?

One sure-fire way to get it silky smooth over the stem is to do it all in one surface. See below. Make sure to come off of centreline tangent, throw some curvature graphs on the surface and then tweak the other rows of control points so the graph is balanced over centreline.

Curvature graph example below…tweak until your heart’s content…

Maybe project lines onto the surfaces (waterlines), fair the projected lines at the stem, use the faired lines to produce the stem surface.