Blend Surface across 3 surfaces?

Can I have 3 surfaces to use the blend surface on?
I have a jug, the main body is made up from the top dome and 2 sides.

I need the loft to spilt the neck, body and 2 sides then I can blend surface, is this achievable?
I know it can be done say in the middle of one surface but not sure if it can be done on 3 surfaces ie through the edges etc.
Hope that makes sense.

Jug Issue.3dm (14.3 MB)

Hi Tony - if I understand what you are after, I’d get to this stage first , or something like it-

and then add fillets or blends:



Hi Tony, I zoomed in on the area inside the cylinder. The surfaces are not together. Could that be where you are having trouble?—Mark
After looking at it more closely, it looks like none of the surfaces are close enough to join.

Thank you markintheozarks, will have a look.

Thank you Pascal, please can you tell me what tool you used around the dome edges there, I’m still relatively new to Rhino. But yes that is what I am going for,