Blending Multiple surfaces

I need to blend three surfaces together and since there are all not planar i am having some difficulties doing this.Can someone suggest an easy way 1.3dm (91.6 KB)

to do this?

i am having difficulties understanding how you intend to blend.

edit: so i went ahead and cheekily guessed even though it does not make sense since you either have to trim one side of the window like shapes and decide which side to blend or you give that middle surface a thickness that blending to both sides makes sense. and also what happens at each ending of the vertical surface, a lot of design questions here making this rather impossible to answer to your needs.

anyway if you use FilletSrf with a low radius you can blend left and right. obviously you could blend the left part with a wider blend, just be aware that blending naturally only works as long as the radius does not exceed the surface.

I want to blend the edges of those surfaces together. Since thery are all curved, it has to be done by working some way around other commands.

sorry, but i still dont get your intentions. i know just as much as before :slight_smile:
maybe its my tooth which is killing me today, could you make a complete sketch?

Sorry for the late reply. I tried but i dont if this will do any better :sweat_smile:.(Hope this does). I want to create a surface between the edges highlited in red. I tried showing the seams using the blue lines :sweat_smile:. Hope your doing fine !

ok now we are getting somewhere, when you fill in the missing curves marked orange, you will find that Patch might give you an adequate beginning.

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That worked like a charm!!! Thanks alot :raised_hands: