Black Viewport

getting black viewports here too in latest SR. It seems to be happening when changing display modes to pen, mostly in layout detail windows Milezee SystemInfo 11-02-19.txt (2.1 KB)

Thanks, Miles!
I moved this to a new thread because, to me, it doesn’t look like this is the same issue.
This one was tricky to reproduce but I’m seeing it here as well - reported as RH-50909.

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Thanks Wim, it does correct itself if you click around a little, but definitely buggy, cheers

Wim, using different display modes in layout details again today, strange behaviour in Arctic, Raytraced too

Miles, as long as that “strange behavior” is involving black viewports, I’m considering this to be the same issue for the time being. If you’re seeing something else, please start a new thread and add details.

Raytraced in a layout detail = black window, Arctic in a layout detail just doesn’t look right, kind of washed out white, no idea if it’s the same display issue ?

I’m not seeing that here. Make sure that you have your layout “paper” color set to white to get the same result as the (factory-default) Arctic display mode.

getting detail windows in layout pages going black and flickering again, happens when changing display modes, running latest SR on V6

Hi Miles - RH-50909 is still open and on the list to be fixed.

hi Wim, thanks for the update, it seemed to disappear for a while, noticed it more and more though in the last few weeks

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