Displacement maps causing gaps at the edges

Never used displacement in Rhino before - looks like it’s time now.
Is there a way to avoid these gaps between neighbouring surfaces? Could not figure how in the custom mesh settings.



Set displacement to zero to start with since it defaults to 0.39. That’s what I have done so far. Hopefully there is a better workaround.


Right now best way to go forward is to extract the render mesh with _ExtractRenderMesh, then weld all unwelded edges.

Thanks, I see. One for the pile, right?
(Nothing particularly urgent, though)

Also, for displacement maps the number of mesh faces should be turned way up for the object when extracting the mesh. A fine detailed mesh is important to give the displacement something to displace.

Also, for larger areas like the sub body, I would use a Normal map. It will be just as effective.

As you get very close to a portion of the sub, then I might switch to displacement.