Bitmap problem

After installing latest release I get this message when trying to insert a bitmap

Unable to open bitmap file - unknown file typeThe specified file cannot be identifed as a supported type.

never happende before.

What file format? Is maybe the bitmap file in CMYK format? Rhino can only open RGB format bitmap files as far as I know.

format is RGB jpg.
I managed to open only a png file

You are inserting the .jpg with the Picture command? That seems to be working OK here qith a couple of quick tests. Is it just this one image, or is it not possible with any jpg image?

am doing with drag n drop as usual, no jpg are working, include those that were doing ok before.

OK, just to check, can you try first running the Picture command, then browsing to your jpg image as an alternative to d’n’d?

What changed between “before” and “now”? Rhino update? Windows/driver update?

– Mitch

yes, as I wrote at the start of the topic, It ahppended after updating the software. Picture command doesn’t work either.

Hi - please run the Rhino ‘SystemInfo’ command and paste the result here.