Mac vs Windows for grasshopper

Hi! Mac vs Windows for grasshopper, that’s the question!
I think about changing my machine, I work on MacBook Pro 2014(i7, 16Gb Ram, nVidia), and do some stuff in rhino and grasshopper (I’m a beginner in grass) I heard that grasshopper isn’t supported really on macOs, but is it really true? What do you think about using grasshopper on Mac, is it worth it?

“Mac vs Windows” is always more a matter of personal situation/opinion.
Why you have a mac instead of a windows pc?

How much are you used with OSx? And what about windows?
Is it worth to change your habits around your whole system for a single software?

Rhino is mainly targeted for windows users, so on mac everything is somehow “delayed”.

In my personal viewpoint, if you have to buy a new computer, a non-Apple solution will give you better performance for a smaller price.
But if you are not strictly interested in performance… you have to weight your other needs!
Maybe you need the touchbar. :rofl:
Tbh i really can’t imagine any reason to prefer a mac over a pc. :zipper_mouth_face:

Different needs. You know better what you need.

One thing for sure: if you need the best available reliability and productivity with rhino and grasshopper, go windows.

But if you are learning…

I know a friends that uses virtualized Windows inside OSx. It works pretty much fine but he had to sacrifice 30+ GB for windows.
If you end up deciding for a mac, and if you are considering the virtualization option, pick a memory larger than 256GB!!

Hello sailor!

Rhinoceros is supported on both windows and mac, and grasshopper too!

Here are the compatibility requirements for both windows and mac.

I used to have Mac when R5 was not compatible and that sucked, so I switched to a windows Workstation. I currently own an HP Zbook-15G2 with 32gb of ram and an Nvidia Quadro card (optimized for vector graphics). I’m an architect so windows suits well for me, because some other softwares like 3dsMax are not availiable for Mac, so… there is that.

Right now Rhino6 comes with gh integrated and it´s availiable for mac so you don´t really need to switch. When using this kind of softwares the most important thing is the hardware, rather than the OS. With the components you stated above you should be fine for a beginner.

Best regards
Sir Ernest Shackleton